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Who Am I

Your Travel Consultant

Uwharrie Travel & Adventure is a fully licensed & insured travel consulting business. I strive to provide the most inclusive service possible, by embracing all aspects of your next adventure. After years of planning family, friends and our own travel adventures, I decided to provide that same passion and attention to detail to others.

I am specifically trained through The Travel Institute to help explore, plan and finalize the best vacation just for you. I invite you to stroll through our website & explore the possibilities that Uwharrie Travel & Adventure can provide!

Many people ask about our name, we are named after the beautiful Uwharrie (“U-R-E”) Mountains located in the heart of North Carolina. Our adventure started within the forests of the Uwharries and continues today.

I look forward to speaking with you about your next amazing travel adventure.

- Stacey Kerney

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